Karkula Yoga, LLC

About Nancy:  I attended my first yoga class in 2009. At first I wasn’t sure if this yoga thing was for me.  So much emphasis was on awareness of one’s self.  I really did not pay much attention to my feelings or my awareness of what was going on in my body. I was just going through the motions of life. Yoga has brought that awareness, to be present in the moment, really experience what is going on now, not what I will be doing or should be doing. I had a few physical conditions that had been bothering me for years. I reached out to a yoga therapist. Through my therapy, my customized practice, I was able to acquire tools to help me alleviate my pain, and manage those that could not be changed.

I acquired my first yoga teacher training in May of 2013. I thought this would be enough for a while. I had a strong desire to help others the way I found help for myself through yoga therapy. So in the fall of 2013 I started my yoga therapy training and acquired my certification in June of 2014.  I am excited to give the tools to clients to help them discover self-healing, and help them find their mind, body, spiritual connection. I feel a strong desire to assist people in their yogic journey.

I have become more spiritual, feeling the connection that was always there for me, but more real. I love spending time in nature. Whether it is taking a walk in a park, hiking up a mountain, sitting by the lake or ocean, I feel that connection to the creator.  Setting aside time to meditate has brought me peace, realization and focus.

I am enjoying being an empty nester with my husband, having raised 3 creative happy adults. We enjoy travel, hiking, gardening, creating stuff, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with family and friends.

Nancy Karkula RYT-500 |  karkulayoga@gmail.com | 612-770-8856